Executive Network

Spire partners with industry executives to source and execute investments. Our executive partnerships promote the attraction and retention of additional senior level management talent and accelerate growth at our portfolio companies.

Management Led Investments

For over 20 years, Spire has been committed to seeking out and partnering with capable industry executives across our portfolio companies. Our experience has demonstrated that talented management teams can work through complex business challenges, identify and exploit market opportunities and navigate shifting competitive landscapes in order to successfully grow and expand a company. Our belief is that superior management leads all investments to success.

Spire has two significant models of working with executives, either as an Executive-In-Residence (EIR) or Executive Network Individual(s).

Executive-in-Residence (EIR)

Spire will partner with an executive or entire management to seek out specific investment targets around a certain theme or based upon management capabilities and experience. Under this relationship, Spire partners with the executive or team in order to identify compelling companies to buy and build. As part of this process, Spire will seed this effort and offer management a compelling opportunity to create returns for themselves as well as Spire’s Limited Partners.

EIR opportunities typically focus on acquiring founders-owned, under-performing or maturing companies that are in fragmented or growing industries where talented management can drive significant growth and generate attractive returns.

Spire Capital partners strategizing in office
board room meeting at Spire Capital

Executive Network

Spire principals have been operators, bankers, lenders and consultants to our investment sectors for the past 30+ years. We have developed, and continue to develop, a deep network of executives that we can leverage to help us with pre-investment due diligence as well as value creation post-investment. This network is crucial to our investment strategy and success.

These executives can become advisors, consultants, portfolio company executives and board members for Spire’s portfolio companies. Our Executive Network continues to grow and evolve as we invest in various new and exciting companies. We are constantly seeking to expand our Executive Network.

Get In Touch

For Executive recruiters with exclusive relationships with highly qualified executives please contact us. Spire will compensate recruiters for successful placement of recruiter sourced executives.