NetFortris is a provider of Unified Communications as a service (“UCaaS”) and managed IT network solutions to small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises (“SMBs” and “SMEs”). The Company’s offerings include hosted Voice-over Internet Protocol (“VoIP”) telecommunications services through its proprietary Software-as-a-Service UCaaS platform, managed access, MPLS and SD-WAN services, and other value-added services including managed firewalls and security solutions. NetFortris serves over 6,000 customers, including major corporations as well as SMEs and SMBs operating in a variety of sectors including retail, financial services, technology, and healthcare. NetFortris delivers its security, communications and other IT services through a national network, with both an internal sales team and a host of channel partners. The Company’s private network provides access to all U.S. markets through regional points-of-presence in 8 key markets, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, and New York. The Company has approximately 250 employees located primarily in Seattle, WA, Plano, TX, Los Angeles, CA, and the Philippines.

Investment Information

Initial Investment Date: January 27, 2014
Status: Current Portfolio Company
Headquarters: Plano, TX and Seattle, WA