Nexstar Expands Relationship with Encoda Systems


Denver, CO — Encoda Systems, Inc. today announced a five

plus year License Agreement with Nexstar Broadcasting for their

recently acquired Quorum stations. Nexstar will standardize all

stations, including the newly acquired Quorum stations, onto Columbine Sales and Traffic and Encoda MART (Media Analysis and Reporting Tool).

Previously using VCI and Marketron traffic products, the Quorum

properties have begun converting to the Encoda product suite.

Standardization using Encoda’s products will help maximize the benefits

of Encoda MART across all 39 properties within Nexstar’s media

enterprise. “We have had great success with Encoda MART. Previously, it

was difficult if not impossible to aggregate revenue, inventory and

trending information across stations without error. Encoda MART not only

allows us to do this quickly, but also helps us standardize information

at the corporate level while allowing autonomy at the station level.

We‘ve also had such tremendous success with Columbine Traffic that we’re

anxious to continue to add to our Encoda arsenal with truly unique

tools,” says Duane Lammers, Chief Operating Officer, “We’ve worked with

other technology providers in this market but have found in Encoda a

responsive technology company with which we have a productive,

successful, and reliable relationship.”

The only solution of its kind available to the industry today,

Encoda MART will provide Nexstar management with unprecedented ability

to view and manage information about their media properties. Using

Encoda MART, Nexstar can now easily aggregate and standardize disparate

station sales and inventory information to provide a timely and

previously unavailable view of sales trends and historical information

in any combination – stations, groups, regions, or the entire corporate

enterprise. Encoda MART data can be securely accessed anywhere via a

secured Internet connection, providing Nexstar executives easy access to

key performance indicators at any time.

“We are proud of our relationship with Nexstar as they are quickly becoming a major

force in media today” says Bob Duncan, SVP Sales & Marketing for

Encoda. “Our partnership with them on the deployment of MART has been

rewarding for both companies. We look forward to continued growth in our

relationship and in serving Nexstar’s continually changing needs.”

In addition to MART, Nexstar also uses several other Encoda supplied products, including, Sales Analysis Plus, Skim Plus, Electronic Contracting and Automation Interface with Automatic Reconciliation.

About Nexstar

Nexstar Broadcasting Group, Inc., headquartered in Irving, Texas,

is a television broadcasting company focused exclusively on the

acquisition, development and operation of television stations in medium

-sized markets in the United States,

primarily markets that rank from 50 to 150, as reported by A.C. Nielsen

Company. We currently own and operate 14 stations, and provide management, sales or other services to an additional 11 stations. Over the past four years we have

more than doubled the size of our portfolio, having acquired 7 and

begun providing services to 7 additional stations. In eight of the 16

markets that we serve, we own or provide services to more than one

station. The stations that we operate or provide services to are

clustered in the Northeast, Midwest and Southwest regions of the United States. These stations are diverse in their network affiliations: 23 have primary affiliation agreements with one of the four major networks –9 with NBC, five with CBS, 5 with ABC, 4 with FOX–and the remaining two have agreements with UPN.

About Encoda Systems

Encoda Systems is the de facto standard in media solutions with

over 35 years of experience developing solutions for the media

industry. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado,

Encoda processes over $16 billion in advertising revenue annually for

more than 85 percent of US broadcasters. Encoda’s solutions leverage the

latest Web- and Windows -based technologies to manage the entire commercial process, including sales and traffic, master control and automation,

digital transmission and asset management, program scheduling and

material management. Whether for a station, group or network,

television, radio or cable broadcaster, Encoda has a proven solution.

Encoda customers include: Disney, Fox, Hearst, MediaGeneral, NBC, Star

and Tribune.