NetFortris Adds PCI-Compliant Credit Card Security, Skills-based Routing to Contact Center Solution

One of the things that headlines and reports have focused on as what can be characterized as the soft under-belly of contact centers is the challenge of enhancing the security of all that critical information that agents handle along with the ability to ensure it is in compliance. The answer for those looking for solutions may lie in the cloud. This is exemplified by the announcement from cloud-based voice and data networking solutions provider, San Francisco, Calif.-based NetFortris who is out with enhanced security and efficiency capabilities of its NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center solution.

A twofer on contact center security and operational efficiency

The enhancements certainly fall within pain points that contact center administrators are feeling. The first is a PCI (NewsAlert)-compliant credit card security functionality. It enables consumers to use a secure virtual keypad to enter credit card information. The technology shields the actual credit card digits and associated tones from the agent. This means customers can have peace of mind that their transactions can be conducted via the contact center with assured confidentiality.

The second is the release of intelligent multi-media queuing and further enhancement of the NetFortris skills-based routing capabilities within its Contact Center solution. As the company touts, these capabilities combine voice, video (WebRTC), Instant Messaging, email, SMS and social media into a universal queue for a truly unified contact center. In short, this is a cloud-based realization of omni-channel interaction functionality.

“Skills-based routing has become essential as enterprise call centers are required to deal with a wider variety of call types, often across different languages and geographies,” said Karen Salazar, VP of Marketing at NetFortris. “Our skills-based call routing is a powerful addition to our popular Contact Center solution. It enables customizable call-assignment strategies that can be used to improve customer satisfaction and call center productivity. Now, incoming calls can be easily routed to the most suitable agent, instead of simply the next available agent.”

The list of capabilities in the NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center demonstrates the comprehensiveness of the solution. It provides:

  • The above mentioned PCI compliance for contact centers that take credit cards over the phone and the universal multi-media queuing and communication for omni-channel interactions.
  • Complete reporting and analytics of every interaction through the contact center which can focus on individual calls or interactions, groups of calls that can be sorted by type, topic, or customizable criteria.
  • Enterprise-class IVR and skills-based routing
  • Soft phone capability with multi-media integration (click-to-call)
  • Complete analytics with real-time and custom reporting
  •  Agent surveys and scoreboard to ensure consistent quality performance

The NetFortris Enterprise Contact Center solution works with the NetFortris Cloud PBX (NewsAlert) solution and other communication systems. It is designed to efficiently manage large volumes of specialized calls, and as a combined solution is focused on giving contact center managers the tools they need to as NetFortris states, “improve training, streamline service, improve call efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.”

Really intelligent skills-based routing has been a something that has become almost table stakes in the contact center solutions market because of the impact it can have on workflows, operational efficiencies and ultimately on improving the customer experience. Hence, having it as a cloud-based capability is a competitive requirement. That said, the enhanced security solution is one that is an attention grabber. Indeed, the actions that the customer will have to take intuitively should help allay fears about what happens to their information once it is passed to an agent.  For anyone who has had their credit card information compromised, this is a big deal, and given what we have learned about the big data breaches of the past year, this appears to a capability that is differentiated value that could become popular going forward. 


By: Peter Bernstein, Senior Editor