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Opsware Helps Inflow to Accelerate Business, Reduce Costs and Increase Revenue in Managed Hosting Business

IT Solutions Outsourcer to Present Case Study at Gartner Symposium Detailing Opsware-Enabled Automated Service Delivery, Cost, and Productivity Improvements



San Diego, CA -- Inflow, a leading provider of outsourced technology services, today unveiled that it has successfully expanded its managed hosting business through development of its iServerCare management solution This new solution (generally available April 1, 2004) has already resulted in strategic customer acquisitions, increased revenues, and improved service margins via Opsware Inc’s (NASDAQ: OPSW) IT automation software.

Inflow will be presenting a case study at this year’s Gartner Symposium / ITxpo in San Diego, at 3pm PT on Tuesday, March 30th, detailing their successes and savings realized since deploying Opsware’s software in July of 2003.

Using Opsware, Inflow has achieved

  • Industry leading server-to-system administrator ratios: Inflow is now managing over 600 servers with three dedicated staff members; an impressive 200:1 server-to-administrator ratio.
  • Greater service quality and security: Using Opsware, Inflow lowered its “mean time to restore” for servers from three or four hours to a record low of 30 minutes.
  • Improved security, via reduced time to patch servers: Inflow secures its customers’ servers using Opsware’s automated patching capabilities, which allows them to patch 600 servers in less than three hours.

After a detailed technical evaluation, the company chose Opsware over two other technology providers, based on Opsware’s deep operational expertise resulting from its Loudcloud managed services provider origins, the Opsware platform’s ability to integrate rapidly with new and existing IT management systems, and its strong customer base.

In selecting Opsware, Inflow was seeking to enhance its service delivery model to enable high-margin, high-value application hosting and management services, such as iServerCare, while lowering its cost structure and improving overall service quality for customers.

A key component of Inflow’s service transformation was the ability to scale its business without adding incremental staff to solely support these new services. Opsware helped Inflow to successfully capture its largest account while maintaining existing staffing levels. Without Opsware’s automation software, Inflow estimated it would need to expand its operations staff by 300% to support this new customer’s server management needs.

“Without Opsware, we would not be able to offer the seamless high-value server management solutions demanded by our customers,” said Lenny Monsour, general manager, Inflow Hosting and Infrastructure Services. "Using Opsware as the underlying automation platform for our managed hosting business allows us to automate our customers’ entire server and application lifecycle, with a dramatically lower cost structure and with higher quality and reliability.”

“Opsware was the original platform for our own managed service business, so we understand Inflow’s need to provide the highest level of service quality while keeping costs down,” said Ben Horowitz, chief executive officer for Opsware. “Opsware enables Inflow’s IT staff to spend less hands-on time in their server room and more time providing strategic value to their customers.”

Opsware continues to lead the way in IT automation and utility computing. The growth of the Internet and move to Web-based computing is creating huge growth in the number of servers and applications in data centers, resulting in massive complexity that renders traditional, manual operations unsustainable. Automation has become a necessity as IT organizations seek to become more cost-competitive, reduce data center complexity and offer higher-value services.

About Inflow

Inflow, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Inflow is an ISO 9001:2000 certified outsourced technology provider currently serving more than 875 customers from its network of 13 data centers across the United States. Leveraging its expertise in application, network and datacenter management, the company is able to deliver the most reliable, secure, scalable and cost-effective outsourcing solutions available. Core services are offered within Inflow’s three primary lines of business: Hosting & Infrastructure Management, Business Continuance / Disaster Recovery, and IT Consulting Services. Inflow’s solutions help customers increase revenues, decrease costs and enhance productivity.

About Opsware Inc (NASDAQ: OPSW)

Opsware Inc. is the leading provider of IT automation and utility computing software, offering a complete solution for enterprises, government agencies and service providers looking to reduce costs and increase IT efficiencies. The Opsware System automates the complete IT lifecycle including provisioning, deploying, changing, scaling, securing, recovering, consolidating, auditing and reallocating servers and business applications. The Opsware System uniquely combines process automation with built in operations knowledge on a broad range of operating systems, software infrastructure products and applications. The Opsware System has been proven to lower costs, and increase service quality and agility. For more information on Opsware Inc., please visit our Web site at www.opsware.com.

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