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Inflow's Focus on Security Attracts New Customer Praemunio


Nashville, TN -- Today, Inflow Inc., a leading provider of managed web application hosting and outsourced IT services, announced the addition of new customer Praemunio, a managed security and intrusion detection provider based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company receives services within Inflow’s Nashville Internet Data Center (IDC).

“Inflow was on our short list of providers we looked at very closely,” said Thomas Lewis, President for Praemunio. “What differentiated Inflow for us was their detailed procedures around information security and protecting our information assets. Other companies we evaluated had similar physical and environmental safeguards but Inflow stood above the rest with the rigor of their detailed procedures and processes."

Earlier this year, Praemunio began looking for a provider that could deliver a secure Network Operations Center. The company had previously hosted its own applications and databases internally, but after experiencing a surge in growth, it needed additional capacity.

“Given the size and model of company that we were, we realized our core competency was information security. We wanted to leverage our internal resources on solving security issues for our clients and not our own network operations issues. Our business model changed to become conducive to outsourcing the network operations,” said Lewis.

”The nature of our business requires that we place physical and logical security at the top of our priority list,” said David Klements, general manager for Inflow in Nashville. “We are glad to be recognized by Praemunio, a managed security service provider, as an IT outsourcing partner able to meet their stringent requirements.”

Praemunio’s client list includes a multi-billion dollar insurance company, a large healthcare client and an international financial services company. What attracted Praemunio to Inflow was not only its local presence and attention to procedure, but also its geographic footprint.

“Inflow met our local needs but also had redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities with its other locations throughout the country, which we found reassuring. We like the fact that we can take advantage of expansion and disaster recovery options at other sites,” Lewis said.

Praemunio migrated into Inflow’s Nashville IDC in early April of this year, and there were no issues or disruptions, according to Lewis.

“Inflow as a company is very detailed and everything went smoothly,” he said. “We were very pleased about how helpful Inflow’s staff was. In fact, our company’s technical people, who are very hard to impress, have told me that the Inflow staff ‘really knows its stuff.’”

About Praemunio

Praemunio is a managed security service provider offering solutions for intrusion prevention and detection, firewall protection, vulnerability identification and mitigation. Praemunio provides organizations a significant value by reducing your security expenses while dramatically increasing your security protection. Our expertise combined with a proven history of exceptional service makes Praemunio your weapon of choice in the battle of information security.

For additional information, please visit http://www.praemunio.com or call 615.826.8886.

About Inflow

Inflow provides facilities-based IT solutions to companies with critical business and network applications. Founded in 1997, Inflow opened its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in June 1998 and currently serves more than 725 customers from its IDCs in 12 markets throughout the U.S. Leveraging its expertise in application, network and datacenter management, the Company is able to deliver the most reliable, secure, scalable and cost-effective outsourcing solutions available. Core services are offered within Inflow’s three primary lines of business: Application Hosting and Management, Business Continuance and Disaster Recovery, and Enterprise Datacenter Management.

In its fifth year of business, Inflow generated approximately $50.7 million in total revenues last year. Investors include Meritage Private Equity Funds, Centennial Ventures, Telecom Partners, Spire Capital Partners, The Halyard Capital Fund, GE Capital and PNC Equity.

For additional information and IDC locations, please visit www.inflow.com or call 877.321.2464. For more information on the Nashville IDC, please call David Klements at 615.565.1000.