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Highline Media Launches Advising Boomers Magazine


Hoboken, NJ -- Highline Media announces the publication of the premiere issue of Advising Boomers magazine today. Advising Boomers is the pre-eminent publication to help financial advisors work successfully with Baby Boomer clients. Because advisors need to understand the whole client to give financial advice, Advising Boomers will cover the psychological and lifestyle issues affecting Boomers, as well as their financial concerns.

"This generation's wealth, health, home, and careers—Advising Boomers is the one-stop resource that covers the full spectrum of Boomer concerns," says editor-in-chief Richard J. Koreto. The first issue, for example, covers Boomer attitudes toward annuities, cutting-edge methods for marketing to Boomers, the financial and psychological issues surrounding career changes, and why separately managed accounts help Boomer portfolios while flattering Boomer egos.

Advising Boomers’ audience of 75,000 includes financial planners, independent registered reps, investment advisors, insurance agents, bank investment consultants, CPAs and trust & estate professionals.

The magazine features experienced business journalists as well as regular contributors: planning pioneers George D. Kinder & Susan E. Galvan and Sheryl Garrett; clinical psychologist Laurie Helgoe; distinguished advisor Dan Moisand; and nationally known marketing authorities Patricia Abram and Katherine Vessenes.

For more information, please contact:
Thomas Fowler Publisher

About Highline Media

Highline Media was formed in October 2003 by Spire Capital Partners, L.P. and headed by Andrew L. Goodenough, its President and Chief Executive Officer, to acquire business-to-business information assets in the financial services, insurance and real estate fields. Highline’s product set includes magazines, data, newsletters, conferences, websites, books and reference materials, delivered in print, electronic and live event form. Highline’s first acquisition was The National Underwriter Company (“NUCO”), the leading publisher of insurance information in the U.S. In 2004 the company completed an additional five acquisitions, adding insurance and banking data businesses acquired from The Thomson Corporation(Highline Data); an insurance training and continuing education business; two magazines; and other professional publishing titles.