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Encoda Systems and OneDomain Forge Strategic Alliance to Bring Complete Pre-buy and Research Capabilities to Broadcasters


Denver, CO -- Encoda Systems, Inc. today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with OneDomain, Inc. Encoda Systems, the industry leading provider of broadcast scheduling and sales systems, and OneDomain, the newly emerged standard in broadcast pre-buy and research systems, will jointly develop electronic solutions between OneDomain's ClearView system and Encoda's suite of products. “We are very excited to be aligning with a company the caliber of OneDomain," says Don Doctor, CEO of Encoda. "The recognized industry excellence of OneDomain's team and the ClearView system will dramatically increase our customers' advertising sales capabilities," added Doctor, whose software services 85% of US TV-based advertising revenues. “As an industry and market leader, we are committed to bringing added value to our clients. Alliances with other industry leaders like OneDomain is a crucial part of our plan to bring value to our customers and illustrates our open-systems approach to the inter-operability of our products. Our relationship with OneDomain is one of our first steps in bringing this open approach broadly to the market." OneDomain and Encoda have been working together at several sites, many of which are participants in an early adopter program that facilitates OneDomain's upcoming broad market launch.

"ClearView brings information to station sales teams in ways never before imagined maximizing station sales staff effectiveness," said Greg Calhoun, Vice President, Marketing and Sales, whose team was instrumental in building the TVScan products used today in nearly every US TV station. "Our technology and capabilities are highly focused to provide the most effective and direct access to key sales and revenue drivers," says Calhoun. "ClearView eliminates the constraints and limitations imposed by other systems and brings high-performance capabilities to system users in an easy-to-use and intuitive manner. Our ability to deliver overnight ratings and updated sales book information to sales teams in mere seconds provides a dramatic value add that allows users to focus on the most important information in the shortest time period. Our relationship with Encoda will allow us to expedite the availability of these benefits to the broadest possible audience due to the extensive deployment of Encoda products. We are very pleased with our Encoda alliance and will now be able to offer the benefits of ClearView to the large Encoda client base very quickly. We are also very excited to be part of the new Broadcast Master solution Encoda will bring to market in early 2004 that will revolutionize the systems available to stations in all market segments."

Broadcast Master represents a major investment by Encoda. Broadcast Master will bring efficiencies to broadcast operations of all sizes by providing features and capabilities to manage programming, sales, on-air scheduling, media library management, billing, and finance from within a single database. Using the latest Microsoft technology platform as a foundation, it will bring improved workflow and access to information for all departmental users. Encoda will introduce Broadcast Master to US markets in early 2004.

Both Encoda and OneDomain have been prominent members of the TVB EDI-related programs and both eagerly embrace the concepts around industry-wide EDI. "The OneDomain alliance and our broader initiatives around sales integration and workflow management will help move EDI forward. We believe EDI can provide great value to media buyers and media suppliers, but achieving those benefits will require the commitment and leadership of key systems providers and media companies to facilitate development and deployment in a meaningful way," says Doctor. “We see our OneDomain relationship as an important building block in this area. We are also working towards tighter integration between our scheduling systems and our advertising agency systems used on the buy side of media."

“We have worked hard to re-establish the core operating principles of our company," adds Doctor. "This relationship starts the second phase of our program. The first phase was our 2003 investment in de-centralizing our sales and service teams to be closer and more involved with our clients. With product-knowledgeable sales and service staff located in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington D.C., Tampa, and Miami, our clients are seeing the benefits of our commitment to them. We will continue making major investments that provide the value and solutions they are seeking."

About Encoda Systems

Encoda Systems is the de facto standard in media solutions with over 35 years of experience developing solutions for the media industry. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, Encoda processes over $16 billion in advertising revenue annually for more than 85 percent of US broadcasters. Encodas solutions leverage the latest Web- and Windows-based technologies to manage the entire commercial process, including sales and traffic, master control and automation, digital transmission and asset management, program scheduling, and material management. Whether for a station, group or network, television, radio, or cable broadcaster, Encoda has a proven solution.