Management Technology America Reports High Confidence in Inflow's Business Continuance Offerings

One of Phoenix’s earliest customers takes advantage of Inflow’s extensive backup options provided with world-class customer service



Phoenix, AZ — InFlow, Inc., a leading provider of managed web hosting and IT services, announced a high confidence rating from Management Technology America (MTA), headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, a provider of business management software solutions to equipment distribution and rental companies worldwide.

Since coming to Inflow in early 2000, MTA had received superior customer service and benefited from Inflow’s world-class products and services. Because MTA’s priority in 2001 was to establish a second cold backup site for its critical IT operations in Phoenix, and Inflow had developed a new suite of business continuance services the same year, MTA took the natural path to a second Inflow facility in Denver, CO.

“If a catastrophe destroyed our operations in Phoenix, we would essentially bring business to a halt for 800 employees,” said Dan Marquess, manager of data center operations with MTA. “The monetary loss associated with system downtime would be substantial even in the short term. This means that a solid disaster recovery plan is critical. Since Inflow was established as a business continuance provider, we took advantage of it.”

MTA takes advantage of Inflow’s Premium Application and Infrastructure Management Services (Premium AIMS). Inflow’s Premium AIMS are designed to support mission-critical e-business environments through advanced monitoring technologies and comprehensive response processes that provide end-to-end, 24×7 monitoring and management of the entire technology stack, including network devices, web servers, operating systems, databases and applications.

“Our Premium AIMS solutions are sought out by operations managers of companies that value their time to focus on strategic objectives,” said Art Zeile, chief executive officer of Inflow. “With complete monitoring of the entire network layer, we can help companies utilize their time to advance their business, instead of reacting to alarms.”

When MTA purchased Premium AIMS, they were at the point where they wanted to “offload the fires” (e.g., late night reboots, answering pages at all hours) to someone else. They recently added two additional Premium AIMS packages to the services they receive from Inflow.

“The AIMS packages help us to focus on our core business,” said Marquess.

“MTA’s concerns about disaster recovery are typical for a company with substantial IT responsibilities,” said Rick Crutchley, general manager for Inflow in Phoenix. “We were eager to get familiarized with their business continuance goals and develop a plan to achieve them.”

With regard to Inflow’s customer service, Marquess said he could not be more pleased. “I am very confident in the abilities of Inflow’s Phoenix team. They are always there when we need them. I am also very confident in the facility itself – I have no worries about power outages, fires, or the building structure. It is all taken care of. The Phoenix team has several responsibilities with our application, and they uphold every one of them.”

Marquess says MTA regularly approaches Inflow for expert advice, and has benefited from the company’s knowledge and process focus. “When you have a resource like Inflow working for you, you know that your questions will be answered in a professional manner and your problems will be addressed quickly. That is invaluable to us,” said Marquess.

“We received such a high level of customer service when we joined Inflow that I was certain that it was because we were one of the first and only customers they had secured thus far. I expected the level of customer service to decrease after Inflow gained more customers,” he added. “However, that hasn’t been the case at all. Two years later we still receive the same level of excellent customer service that we did on the very first day that we installed our equipment.”

About MTA

Management Technology America, headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, provides business management software solutions to equipment distribution and rental companies worldwide. MTA provides a quality software product to hundreds of companies ranging in size from a 10-workstation system to a multi-processor server with over 500 workstations. MTA is flexible enough to run on many different operating systems such as UNIX, AIX, or Windows NT.

About Inflow

Inflow provides facilities-based IT solutions to companies with critical business and network applications. Founded in 1997, Inflow opened its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in June 1998 and currently serves more than 680 customers from its IDCs in 12 markets throughout the U.S. The Company offers customers a cost-effective outsourced alternative that is secure, redundant and fully managed. Core services include colocation, network management, managed security services, application management, data storage and InflowNetTM – a proprietary Internet access service that guarantees 100% availability. Additional services include business continuity, Intelligent Routing for Internet access, content distribution, load balancing and remote enterprise data center management.

In June 2002, Inflow completed an equity financing of $35 million, bringing total capital raised to more than $300 million. Investors include Meritage Private Equity Funds, Centennial Ventures, Telecom Partners, Spire Capital Partners, The Halyard Capital Fund, GE Capital and PNC Equity.

For additional information and IDC locations please visit or call 877-321-2464. To call the Phoenix IDC or to speak with Rick Crutchley, please call (602) 322-1699.