Iron Data Transportation Announces Rebranding, Changes Name to Veraction

MEMPHIS, TN (PRWEB) November 20, 2014

Iron Data Transportation, the global leader in delivering logistics cost savings and actionable spend intelligence to the Fortune 1000, has undergone a rebranding and today announced that the company is changing its name to Veraction, effective immediately.

“The name ‘Veraction’ reflects both the benefits of our technology and the refined mission of our people: helping clients discover the truth (“veritas” in Latin) about waste and inefficiency and enabling them to take action to save time, money and resources,” according to President Jerry Rau. “The market is full of providers that boast about their ability to provide organizations with ‘visibility’ into their supply chain activity and spend. At Veraction, we believe companies need more than just visibility. We believe that actionable information is the ultimate and desired outcome.”

For more than twenty years, Veraction has successfully stepped in where ERP and Logistics Service Provider platforms fall short: accurately aggregating, harmonizing and normalizing mountains of disparate data from the myriad of logistics, financial and purchasing functions across the supply chain.

About Veraction
Headquartered in Memphis, Veraction is comprised of more than 150 employees in six offices around the globe, including St. Simons Island, Shenzhen, Manila, Memphis, Amsterdam and Austin, Texas. Veraction offers a comprehensive suite of services and solutions built around its unique “Aggregate, Harmonize and Enrich” methodology to take Fortune 1000 clients “beyond visibility” and help them discover the best paths of action for saving time, money and resources across their entire supply chain. LinkedIn

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