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iNNERHOST, a leading global provider of managed hosting services, is expanding its presence in the Latin American market, where demand for advanced hosting and infrastructure development is at an all-time high. “Our quick, reliable and cost effective solutions give Latin companies an opportunity to compete effectively in the new economy,” says Luis Navarro, CEO. “Our goal is simple: to empower the Internet revolution in Latin America.”

Based in Miami, iNNERHOST’S 65,000-square-foot facility includes a highly secure data center, state-of-the-art network, and total fiber optic connectivity for high-speed, reliable service. Full-service technical support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The Internet never stops, and neither do we,” says Navarro. Latin American companies that need a corporate presence on the Internet, electronic commerce, online databases, or any combination of specialized services, are turning to iNNERHOST for worry-free hosting solutions.

“We cater to companies that want to outsource their Internet needs,” Navarro says. “We take care of the hardware and software needs, so that our clients don’t have to invest $100,000 to $200,000 for an initial setup, plus the ongoing cost of staffing. This approach improves cash flow and allows our clients to concentrate on their core businesses.”

iNNERHOST delivers high-end application services to enterprise customers as well as turnkey application packages to small and mid-sized businesses, especially companies with fewer than 200 employees who lack the resources of a large-scale information technology (IT) department. iNNERHOST’S clientele includes companies such as Lockheed Martin, Coca-Cola, Bosch, Banco Internet and

iNNERHOST also serves clients from North America, Europe and Asia that have special interests in the Latin American and Caribbean market. “With the announcement of the fifth U.S. (NAP) Network Access Point soon to be built in Miami, it is imperative that companies interested in doing business in Latin America maintain an office here,” Navarro says. “We provide our multinational clients a high-speed gateway to Latin America by managing their hosting solutions.”

iNNERHOST is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Provider, which delivers speed, reliability and quality customer service. iNNERHOST’S solutions enable companies to capitalize on the latest Microsoft technologies quickly and cost-effectively by alleviating the burdens associated with building, operating and maintaining the infrastructure required to support crucial applications.

“Our strong U.S. presence and depth of experience managing Microsoft products, combined with our highly knowledgeable multilingual staff is the driving force in solidifying our position in the Latin American Internet market,” Navarro says.

iNNERHOST was founded in 1998 by a combination of partners who have been very successful in the Internet and computing industries. In August, iNNERHOST announced that it had received expansion capital from a group of investors led by Spire Capital Partners, L.P., a $250 million private equity fund focused exclusively on the media and communications industries.

Co-investors include Waller-Sutton Media Partners, L.P., a private equity investment firm focused on growth companies involved in the media, communications and entertainment industries. Spire Capital boasts a diversified limited partner base that includes several prominent media and communications industry executives and financial institutions.

“We are excited about our investment in iNNERHOST,” says Sean C. White, a principal at Spire Capital. “The company is well-positioned to meet the advanced hosting needs of companies seeking to use the Internet in connection with their everyday business offerings. We are very impressed with the company’s management team, their technology background and market strategy.”

Navarro says the investment provides the funding needed to support iNNERHOST’S rapid growth. “Last year, iNNERHOST grew about 350 percent,” he says, “and we expect to achieve similar growth this year. We will continue to be an industry leader by offering specialized hosting services that are highly cost-effective for our clients.”

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