Inflow Provides Assistance to Companies Affected by Recent Data Center Closures

Pricing Incentives, Free Migration Planning and Installation Offered



Atlanta, GA — InFlow, Inc., a leading provider of managed web hosting and IT services, announces its offering of new migration incentives for companies needing new colocation, web-hosting, and disaster recovery alternatives due to recently announced data center closures by its larger, telecommunications-centric competitors.

In recent weeks, Cable and Wireless (NYSE: CWP.N), Qwest Communications (Nasdaq: Q), Worldcom, Inc. (Nasdaq: MCWEQ) and others have announced plans to close internet data centers or eliminate their hosting line of business altogether. To facilitate an efficient transition into a stable data center, Inflow will provide free up-front planning services and pricing incentives on a contract for hosting services. Inflow has dedicated resources ready to facilitate migration timing as required by the customer.

“Having to move an entire business on a short timeline can be daunting.” said Art Zeile, chief executive officer for Inflow. “Many of our competitors’ customers were given little or no warning of their providers’ plans. With our experience in migrating customers and new migration incentives, we hope to make it easier for companies that are forced to transition quickly.”

Based on vast experience in assisting over 200 companies move their hosted equipment, Inflow’s Migration Assistance Services address technical, physical and logistical requirements to enable a successful move. Proven and documented proprietary processes ensure a smooth transition from customer locations to Inflow’s Internet Data Centers (IDCs):

Project Management and Resourcing Plan – Inflow helps the customer’s technical staff build a project plan, including assignment of resources.

Documentation – Once the customer’s requirements and applications have been identified, Inflow documents data flow and a diagram of the customer’s entire application, identifying systems to be moved and quantifying the technical and logistical requirements.

Site and Logistical Preparation – Customer Design Requirements (CDRs) define the precise data center needs for each Inflow service. Inflow provisions and prepares the infrastructure components according to CDR requirements, per the customer’s timeline.

IP and DNS Setup – To the extent required, Inflow takes over as the DNS Administrator and Technical Contact during the setup/change-over process. Once Inflow is authorized, the move is scheduled.

Test Plan – Inflow works with the customer to develop a test plan that is system and application-specific. All Inflow services are tested upon provisioning and verification procedures provided by Inflow.

“Inflow has a proven suite of migration services and a strong track record of successful customer transitions,” said Mark Scully, general manager at Inflow in Atlanta. “We want customers to know that we are ready to help with their transition needs. We are experts at managing data centers; it is our core business.”

For more information, please call Mark Scully, Inflow Atlanta general manager, at 404.898.9117.