InFlow, Inc. Offers New Operational Process Outsourcing

Provides the Expertise, Processes and Systems to Manage Applications Internally



Denver, CO — InFlow, Inc., a leading provider of Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and managed hosting services, announced today the launch of a new set of customized services called Operational Process Outsourcing. One of Inflow’s newest customers that has taken advantage of this offering, Serveron, the electric power industry’s first dedicated provider of turnkey equipment and services, now has the capabilities to launch its Response Center.

Operational Process Outsourcing services save companies time and money by addressing their need to build, deploy and support an enterprise class command and control center. Typically it can take companies up to a year to build an infrastructure to support mission-critical business operations. Rather than spend this amount of time and capital to do so, by tapping into Inflow’s expertise, customers can deploy fully integrated operations within a matter of weeks.

“The staff in Inflow’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is trained to handle drills such as alarm identification, customer notification, and troubleshooting, all of which are crucial to Serveron’s operations,” said Doug Ritchie, director of corporate information technologies. “Inflow helped us develop our own, internal customized operational procedures in an efficient manner.”

Serveron required a 24×7 staffed response center to provide monitoring and alert notification to its power utility customers around the world. Serveron identified these processes as both a strength of Inflow’s and a differentiator from other vendors. Inflow will use its proprietary operations automation system, FlowTrackTM, to provide Serveron with a centrally-managed platform.

“Outsourcing is going to be a survival tactic for a number of companies that lack the time and resources to rollout a full-service, customized control center,” said Joel Daly, COO, Inflow. “Inflow’s proven business model and expert technical staff allows for customization of these operational processes so customers can focus on their core competencies.”

Inflow has more than 240 documented processes and automated workflow systems to benefit Serveron as it builds out its own response center. Serveron can better define and document its own operational procedures, enforce staff discipline accordingly, and quickly automate these recurring processes.

About Inflow

Companies with critical Internet applications trust Inflow’s Internet Data Centers (IDCs) and managed hosting services, which enhance Web performance, ensure Internet uptime and deliver the highest customer satisfaction. Inflow guarantees 100 percent Internet availability through multiple Tier-1 ISP networks, offering a highly scalable, reliable service. Inflow’s cost-effective services, backed by certified engineers and first-rate customer service, allow companies to focus on their core businesses.

Launched in 1997, Inflow has raised more than $330 million. The company currently employs 500 people and serves more than 650 customers. Inflow has 18 IDCs in the United States and Europe with more than 600,000 square feet of space under operation. For additional information and IDC locations, please visit or call 877-321-2464.

About Serveron

Serveron Corporation was founded to help electric power utilities worldwide deliver reliable power at the lowest cost. Serveron’s innovative instrumentation, continuous monitoring services, and Web-accessible data analysis promise to improve reliability and maintenance efficiency across the grid. Serveron offers battery condition monitors, TrueGas on-site dissolved gas analyzers, and remote, on-line monitoring services for power utilities. More information can be found at