Inflow Celebrates Five-Year Anniversary

Cost-Effective Services, Operational Excellence, Financial Stability, and World-Class Customer Service Make Inflow Provider of Choice



Denver, CO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — InFlow, Inc., a leading provider of managed web hosting and outsourced IT services, celebrates its 5th year in business with continued growth and operational excellence.

“Over the last five years, the market has seen drastic change. Only the strong have survived and we are thrilled to continue to support our growing list of customers,” said Art Zeile, chief executive officer for Inflow. “The demands of our customers have changed dramatically over the last couple of years. Yes, they still want to grow revenue and save money — which Inflow’s services help them do, but business continuity and security are emerging customer concerns. Staying at the forefront of customer requests and providing excellent customer service has fueled our continued growth.”

In July of this anniversary year, Inflow announced a $35 million private equity financing round from principal investors including Meritage Private Equity Funds, Centennial Ventures, Telecom Partners, Spire Capital Partners, The Halyard Capital Fund, GE Capital and PNC Equity. Having obtained more than $300 million in total equity funding to date, Inflow has the financial wherewithal to survive regardless of the state of the economy.

Inflow has attracted more than 160 new customers during 2002, bringing its total customer count to more than 680. Some of Inflow’s customers include Fuddruckers Restaurants, Hoovers, Inc. (NASDAQ: HOOV), Buck Consultants (a division of Mellon Financial Corporation) and Wizmo Inc.

One of Inflow’s newer customers, Fuddruckers Restaurants, approached Inflow in December of 2001 after experiencing problems with its longtime IT provider. Inflow suggested a complete outsourced solution that met Fuddruckers’ needs. The solution included Oracle financials, Exchange 2000, server management and monitoring, managed storage services, connections to the corporate office, VPN client services and a complete solutions configuration.

“I was particularly impressed with Inflow’s infrastructure, people, and experience,” said Keith Shutz, CFO for Fuddruckers. “We needed the solutions and expertise of a leading provider and we decided upon Inflow.”

One of Inflow’s earlier customers, Wizmo, Inc. in Minneapolis, remembers Inflow’s superior customer service in the first days of its operations.

“We couldn’t believe the level of attention and support we received from Inflow,” said Dan Pothier, director of IT at Wizmo. “It really went a long way toward making us think of Inflow as a partner.”

Inflow offers a wide range of new products and services to meet the needs of the ever-changing marketplace. Business continuity and disaster recovery are at the forefront of customers’ minds and Inflow provides a wide range of offerings to meet the needs of its customers. In addition, Inflow offers Enterprise Datacenter Management services, which help companies build, staff, and manage their own datacenters utilizing Inflow’s expertise and standardized processes and procedures.

About Inflow

Inflow provides facilities-based IT solutions to companies with critical business and network applications. Founded in 1997, Inflow opened its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in June 1998 and currently serves more than 680 customers from its IDCs in 12 markets throughout the U.S. The Company offers customers a cost-effective outsourced alternative that is secure, redundant and fully managed. Core services include colocation, network management, managed security services, application management, data storage and InflowNet(TM) — a proprietary Internet access service that guarantees 100% availability. Additional services include business continuity, Intelligent Routing for Internet access, content distribution, load balancing and remote enterprise data center management.

In June 2002, Inflow completed an equity financing of $35 million, bringing total capital raised to more than $300 million. Investors include Meritage Private Equity Funds, Centennial Ventures, Telecom Partners, Spire Capital Partners, The Halyard Capital Fund, GE Capital and PNC Equity.

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