Inflow Announces New NOC Co-sourcing Services

Inflow’s Ability to Offer Data Center Management Services At Customer Premises Saves Money and Provides Convenient Backup Options



Denver, CO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — InFlow, Inc., a leading provider of managed web hosting and IT services, today announced the addition of NOC Co-sourcing to its managed services offerings.

NOC (Network Operations Center) Co-sourcing provides companies an alternative to staffing full-time, evening and weekend support in managing critical applications and infrastructure.

“Our NOC Co-sourcing product was developed for one of our customers who needed a cost-effective solution for night and weekend NOC staff immediately,” said Art Zeile, CEO for Inflow. “Meeting the needs of our customers has always driven Inflow’s solution development cycle. NOC Co-sourcing was a natural evolution of our product set.”

NOC Co-sourcing consists of a comprehensive package of data center monitoring and management services that Inflow uses for its own operations. Customers can now dynamically transition their core applications, network and facility monitoring and management services to Inflow’s Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) for continuous monitoring. Many customers choose to make this transition through the night and weekend shifts to save internal staffing costs while providing 24×7 support to their end users.

NOC Co-sourcing services provide significant value; customers can increase their expertise and save money by sharing Inflow’s centralized resources for a much lower cost than can be achieved independently. Additionally, many customers choose to have Inflow’s NOC Co-sourcing services on stand-by mode during normal business hours as a failover option to their business continuance plans.

The benefits of the NOC Co-sourcing solution include:

  1. World-class data center operations staff — skilled, experienced technicians monitoring IT operations on nights and weekends, using processes and systems proven in Inflow’s own data center environment.

  2. Reduced costs — using existing centralized Inflow resources results in much lower costs.

  3. Access to Inflow’s portal — secure portal allows access to critical operational data, including status of trouble tickets, work orders and helpdesk capabilities, at any time day or night.

Inflow currently monitors the critical infrastructure, applications and data centers for numerous customers across the country. Pre-defined escalation procedures ensure that the Inflow staff is fully armed for problem resolution. Customers are able to log in to Inflow’s portal and view recent activity at any time and receive standard activity reports as they request.

“Inflow was a lifesaver for us,” said John Edwards, vice president of operations at Serveron® in Portland. “The staff in Inflow’s Global Network Operations Center (GNOC) is trained to handle drills such as alarm identification, customer notification, and troubleshooting, all of which are crucial to Serveron’s operations. Inflow helped us develop our own, internal customized operational procedures in an efficient manner.”

Serveron required a 24×7 staffed response center to provide monitoring and alert notification to its power utility customers around the world. Serveron identified Inflow’s assistance in developing these processes as both a strength of Inflow’s and a differentiator from other vendors. Inflow uses its proprietary business operations system, FlowTrack™, to provide Serveron with a centrally managed platform.

About Inflow

Inflow provides facilities-based IT solutions to companies with critical business and network applications. Founded in 1997, Inflow opened its first Internet Data Center (IDC) in June 1998 and currently serves more than 680 customers from its IDCs in 12 markets throughout the U.S. The company offers customers a cost-effective outsourced alternative that is secure, redundant and fully managed. Core services include colocation, network management, managed security services, application management, data storage and InflowNet™– a proprietary Internet access service that guarantees 100% availability. Additional services include business continuity, Intelligent Routing for Internet access, content distribution, load balancing and remote enterprise data center management.

In June 2002, Inflow completed an equity financing of $35 million, bringing total capital raised to more than $300 million. Investors include Meritage Private Equity Funds, Centennial Ventures, Telecom Partners, Spire Capital Partners, The Halyard Capital Fund, GE Capital and PNC Equity.

For additional information and IDC locations, please visit, or call 877-321-2464.

Serveron® is a registered trademark of Serveron Corporation.