Encoda’s Media Management Services Division Establishes Regional Sales Offices To Enhance Customer Relationship


Denver, CO — Encoda Systems Inc. announced today that in January its Media Management Services Division will open regional offices in New York and Los Angeles. The regionalized offices will enable the company to become more responsive to its customer’s needs. Mike Sutton will become the Regional Director in the Los Angeles office and Mike Zinsmeister will have the same position in New York. Combined these two executives have over twelve years experience serving customers in the broadcast industry.

Establishing sales offices near our major accounts will provide clients easier and faster access to sales and support,” said Toni McHugh, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Encoda’s Media Management Services Division. “The relocation and start-up investments made by Encoda Systems will yield key opportunities for creating better relationships with all our clients. When a client calls, we can literally be in their office and gain a better understanding of their needs from a regional location.”

 The Los Angeles and New York offices represent the first step by Encoda to proactively engage and assist clients with day-to-day issues caused by rapid changes in a challenging industry environment. “We want to know our customers better, stay on top of our customers needs, keep a better pulse on industry changes, and direct the solutions that bring value to our customers,” said McHugh. “I am confident that locating sales offices closer to our clients will add incredible value to our clients as we continue to grow our products and professional services to meet their business challenges.”

About Encoda Systems

Encoda Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of solutions and services to media industries worldwide, enabling our clients to plan, buy, sell, schedule, optimize, and automate the delivery of commercial media. Globally operated with regional offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific and headquartered in Denver, Colo., Encoda Systems services and supports solutions in over 40 countries for many of the world’s largest and most successful media enterprises. Encoda Systems is privately held with funding from an investment group led by Thomas H. Lee Company and the Blackstone Group. Additional information is available at www.encodasystems.com.