Encoda Systems Initiates an Early Adopter Program for Its New Encoda MART Data Mining and Business Analysis Tool

Selected Broadcasters Now Have Encoda MART Installed and Are Using It in Live Environments



Las Vegas, NV — Encoda Systems, Inc. today announced that the new Encoda MART has been installed in several selected operations around the country and is undergoing rigid testing in the broadcast environment. Encoda MART is a revolutionary data reporting and business analysis tool enabling broadcast groups, networks, and local stations to collect, store, and consolidate sales and inventory information for individual station and corporate group reporting. Encoda MART automatically merges business reports from multiple stations to provide a centralized source of operational data for comprehensive reporting and analysis at the spot level.

Trey Fabacher, General Sales Manager for KSTP-TV, in Minneapolis, part of the Hubbard Broadcasting group, commented: “With Encoda MART, managers can get up-to-date data all the way down to the spot level, with reports that can be created according to any attribute attached to the spot. You can see average unit rate by program, by AE, by rep, by office, by client, by agency, or by anything you like. Instead of having to sift through multiple piles of stats, MART will automatically generate the exact compilation reports that you need, and on a daily basis if desired. The sooner managers can identify a trend, the quicker they can make a change in direction if needed. Encoda MART allows managers to analyze new orders and what big picture affect they have on the inventory, all on the next business day.”

Hearst-Argyle Television is also installing one of the first releases of Encoda MART. Vice President of Sales for Hearst-Argyle Kathleen Keefe said, “The job of trying to collect, consolidate and respond to sales data from twenty seven stations is a daunting task. In fact, it is currently mostly a manual task. MART should be an excellent tool that will allow me to consolidate mission critical sales revenue data across all of the Hearst-Argyle television stations. I hope to be able to identify buying trends across the country, by region, or by station and make necessary adjustments.”

Encoda MART utilizes detailed information from the company’s existing BIAS, BMS, Columbine, and JDS traffic systems at individual stations. This information, ranging from top-line revenue data to spot-level detail, is processed near real-time through a powerful database and reporting engine at the company’s secure data center. Because data is collected, cleansed, and consolidated automatically, the broadcast organization realizes the additional benefits of labor savings, improved data accuracy and consistency, and up-to-date and flexible analysis.

Broadcast groups use a browser-based interface to work with the data, creating and accessing pre-built reports including trending, pacing, forecasting, historical comparison, average unit rate, inventory availability, and business retention reports based on multiple dimensions such as advertiser, agency, sales office, salesperson, station, and brand category. The Encoda MART reporting tool can create an unlimited number of views of the data stored on MART servers, generating multidimensional drilldown reports at both the station and corporate level. In addition, users can create their own customized reports, and reports can also be viewed in a variety of graphical formats.

“The system is really stable for such an early release,” said Trey Fabacher of KSTP. ”We’ve been working with Encoda to tweak some of the features to better suit our real-world needs, and they have been incredibly responsive and swift in implementing our suggestions.”

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