Encoda Systems, Inc. Recognized for Commitment to Reduce Air Pollution and Congestion in Colorado


Denver, CO — On October 9, 2002, Jeffrey Holmstead, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Assistant Administrator for the office of Air and Radiation, recognized Encoda Systems, Inc. as one of Colorado’s most progressive employers when it comes to commuter benefits. Encoda was honored as part of a group of employers who recently joined the Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative, a voluntary partnership program sponsored by EPA and the U.S. Department of Transportation

Encoda is one of more than 300 Commuter Choice Employers nationwide that offers their employees outstanding commuter benefits. The participating employers represent a diverse spectrum of American businesses – from multinational corporations with nearly 40,000 employees to small businesses with less than five workers.

“Commuter Choice Employers help us simultaneously address two problems that plague many regions of our great country – poor air quality and traffic congestion,” Holmstead told employers at the event. “They offer employees choices for how they get to work. These choices help improve our environment, reduce stress, and save money.”

Finding ways to be environmentally responsible and address the needs of employees are important issues for employers,” said David Fairclough, Vice President of Marketing and Strategy at Encoda. “Being a Commuter Choice Employer is an innovative way for us to do both.”

As a Commuter Choice Employer, Encoda qualifies for the program by meeting the program’s National Standard of Excellence – a standard for commuting benefits met by only one percent of the country’s employers. The benefits at Encoda include a Telecommuting Program, free ECO Pass offerings, bike lockers, showers, and vanpool options.

For employees, commuter choice benefits mean alleviating the toll that commuting exacts. Taking advantage of incentives to avoid driving to work alone can increase job productivity and satisfaction, and reduce stress and the risk of an auto-related injury. Commuter options also mean significant savings. On average, a typical commuter who switches from driving alone to using an alternative method of commuting saves more than $800 per year in taxes and vehicle expenses such as fuel, insurance, and maintenance.

Commuter Choice Employers represent the best of environment cooperation, showing that a healthy balance sheet and a healthy environment can go hand in hand,” Holmstead said. “I hope that their leadership encourages others to take advantage of this extraordinary partnership opportunity.

About Encoda Systems

Encoda Systems, Inc. is the leading provider of solutions and services to Media Industries worldwide, enabling advertisers and broadcasters to plan, buy, sell, schedule, optimize and automate the delivery of commercial media. Globally operated with regional offices in Europe and Asia-Pacific, and headquarters in Denver, Colorado – Encoda Systems services and supports solutions in over 40 countries for many of the world’s largest and most successful media enterprises. Encoda Systems is privately held with funding from an investment group led by Thomas H. Lee Company and the Blackstone Group. Additional information is available at www.encodasystems.com.