Encoda Announces New Automation Solution for Call-Letter Stations


Las Vegas, NV — Encoda Systems, Inc. today announced the launch of the DAL Channel Manager A-6500, the latest member of the company’s D-Series family of automation systems. The A-6500 responds to a market demand from call-letter station broadcasters for a frame-accurate, scalable, and reliable automation system.

“This is the first time technology has allowed us to provide a D-Series system for the call-letter broadcaster,” said Senior Vice President of Automation Robin Adams. “The A-6500 supports a true multichannel environment and gives total flexibility in any type of broadcasting model – attributes that were formerly only available on a much larger scale.”

The A-6500 DAL Channel Manager frame-accurate automation system shares the proven technology of the D-Series family, including device control, media management, and ingest. The A-6500 is scalable within a standard playout environment, giving it appeal to independent and call-letter stations and centralized operations. The A-6500 is part of the fully scalable A-6500 / A-7500 family of products and offers an entry-level opportunity to the D-Series utilizing time-tested technology.

The A-6500 provides true multichannel functionality and operational flexibility with optional redundancy of the master control and ingest CPUs. Its dedicated hardware enables staff to track multiple outgoing feeds from a single station, providing visibility across all channels. Any source and any material can be transmitted on any channel. The real-time operating system allows changes to be made to an event while it is playing, and the system has extensive regionalization functionality.

About Encoda Systems

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