Carpathia Hosting Unveils First Managed Cloud Solution Designed for Enterprises


Ashburn, VA – June 2, 2009 – Carpathia Hosting, the leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services for government agencies and businesses, today unveiled its Carpathia AlwaysOn/InstantOn™ fully-managed enterprise cloud solution. This hybrid model is the first of its kind, differentiating Carpathia Hosting from industry competitors.

Carpathia Hosting’s unique solution is comprised of two components – Carpathia AlwaysOn™, using Carpathia Managed Hosting services, and Carpathia InstantOn™, utilizing Carpathia’s cloud computing platform to offer seamless integration of cloud and dedicated resources. Used together, Carpathia Hosting calls this unique approach Carpathia Cloud Orchestration™.  This hybrid model provides the security, availability and reliability of a traditionally hosted environment paired with instant access to cloud computing and storage.

“A common problem many organizations are experiencing is the need to cost-effectively scale an infrastructure to meet the peaks and troughs of customers usage,” said Jon Greaves, Chief Technology Officer at Carpathia Hosting. “We designed a solution that allows customers to utilize AlwaysOn capacity for the predictable portion of their workload, and then InstantOn to allow bursting into the Carpathia storage and compute cloud. By blending dedicated managed hosting and cloud computing, customers obtain a lower unit price and retain the traditional benefits of managed hosting, including security and availability.”

Components of the AlwaysOn/InstantOn model are highly flexible and can be used to design custom solutions to meet the specific needs of individual organizations. Already, customers such as Echo360, Nuvolus, Ventraq, Voices Heard Media and a leading government system integrator are deploying AlwaysOn/InstantOn customized solutions within their enterprises.

AlwaysOn/InstantOn solutions are tailored for enterprise needs as a fully-managed service backed by Carpathia Hosting’s E3 Promise™, providing the same level of customer service traditionally received with Carpathia Hosting’s managed services. Unlike other cloud providers, Carpathia Hosting manages security patches, provides monitoring, protects servers from viruses and malware threats, and offers 24/7 support to customers in its cloud.

Carpathia Hosting’s enterprise cloud solution has been designed to allow applications to operate unmodified while still allowing customers to take advantage of virtualization services, dynamic provisioning and commodity hardware.  This fully-managed enterprise cloud seamlessly integrates with the dedicated infrastructure usually found in today’s common hosted architectures.

For more information about the Carpathia AlwaysOn/InstantOn fully-managed enterprise cloud solution and to register for a live webcast on June 16, visit

For more information about the customized solutions provided to Echo360, Nuvolus, Ventraq, Voices Heard Media and a leading government integrator, see the press release titled “Carpathia Hosting Provides New Managed Enterprise Cloud Solutions for Enterprises and Government Agencies,” also released today at

About Carpathia Hosting, Inc.
Carpathia Hosting is a leading provider of enterprise managed hosting services supporting a worldwide customer base including government agencies, large enterprises and small-to-medium businesses in nine datacenters across the United States and Canada.   Founded in 2003, Carpathia Hosting is a growing, profitable business run by a seasoned management team with deep experience in managed services and colocation.  Its suite of services is designed for organizations seeking scalable, secure, robust and enterprise-grade hosting solutions that can be quickly provisioned or tailored to meet unique requirements.   As a datacenter-neutral company, Carpathia Hosting is quickly becoming the hosting company of choice for companies that demand security, quality and high performance.  Contact Carpathia Hosting at 1.888.200.9494, or visit for more information.

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