Bushwacker is the Michael Jordan of Bulls

Mix equal parts earthquake and roller coaster. Add a pair ofeggplant-sized cojones. Place in solitary pen for approximately five hours, then transfer to claustrophobic chute for one minute. Add rider. Release and serve.

That is Bushwacker: a recipe for disaster. In the chute he is placid and eerily still. Then the gate opens, and for the next two or three or four seconds, all is mayhem as 1,700 pounds of “I’m-not-your-bone-in-rib-eye!” erupts. Imagine the most severe turbulence you’ve ever experienced, multiply it by a factor ofGiddyup! and then add an ejection seat for the hapless bull rider.

“Bushwacker is totally in a class by himself,” says Keno Shrum, editor-in-chief of Humps N’ Horns magazine, bull riding’s premier publication.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Bushwacker is the best bull I’ve ever seen,” says Cody Lambert, the longtime livestock director for the Professional Bull Riders (PBR) tour. “He has superior athletic ability, but he also has competitive desire to be the very best. He’s a total professional.”

Like Michael Jordan. Except Bushwacker’s a real bull.

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