Ariston Global’s TeleSciences Acquires 10e Solutions


Business analytics expands portfolio offering to service providers

Rochester, NY (September 11, 2007) – Ariston Global Partners, L.L.C., a portfolio company of Spire Capital I, today announced its TeleSciences company has completed the acquisition of privately-held 10e Solutions, an innovator in providing network and business analytics.    TeleSciences is a leader in providing usage data management solutions to fixed, mobile and IP service providers. 

The acquisition and integration of 10e Solutions will expand the TeleSciences platform for delivering reliable, accurate revenue, cost-side analytics and margin analysis for communication service providers around the globe. The deal also represents a major opportunity to mesh highly scalable business analytical solutions with TeleSciences’ legendary expertise in collecting and managing data from any single or mixed-switch environment. The extensive suite of solutions allows service providers to more quickly assess revenue leakage, address inaccurate or disputed interconnect charges, reduce fraud, provide operational margin analysis, and gain deep visibility into usage trends and network engineering performance. 

TeleSciences is controlled by Ariston Global Partners, LLC., a firm that acquires, makes majority investments in, develops and operates solution provider companies. Among the services Ariston Global Partners’ companies offer are software, customer care, system integration, provisioning, solution/hardware testing, outsourced services and other tools needed by equipment providers and communications carriers. 

New Synergy Leads to Revenue and Profit Assurance for Service Providers

“This is an extremely strategic acquisition for the TeleSciences platform,” said Mark Trudeau, President and CEO of TeleSciences. “With 10e Solutions’ impressive track record for delivering outstanding business analytical solutions, TeleSciences is now positioned to offer the most comprehensive and reliable enterprise revenue and profit analytics platform available. The portfolio of solutions can now effectively address profitability and optimization issues throughout the operator’s enterprise.”

“The timing of this was just right for us,” noted Richard Mahuson, President of 10e Solutions. “Over the years we’ve provided unprecedented insight into maximizing revenue and profit for our customers and the demand for our services is sharply rising. Now, with TeleSciences and its leading edge access and management of usage data – not to mention its history of sophisticated, seamless deployment – our continued ability to meet our global customers’ needs has instantly jumped to a whole new level.”

10e Solutions will operate as a TeleSciences company, and the combined TeleSciences/ 10e Solutions suite of services will include: comprehensive enterprise revenue and profit assurance through sophisticated business analytics; business case consulting; data collection, mediation, management and retention; and customer-self service solutions.

About 10e Solutions

10e Solutions offers software and integration services addressing large scale, never- before-possible business intelligence successes. Based on the principle that data is valuable to a successful business – and will grow and become even more critical as volumes and products increase – 10e Solutions provides scalable solutions for unlocking the value of the data, even as it experiences exponential growth. 

Its flagship product, BIAS, is an effective and high performance task, process and data management system The BIAS user-friendly interface provides a visual mechanism for the creation of simple or complex tasks and business rules, a dashboard monitoring and analytical GUI, and a complete centralized information logging facility.

10e Solutions has built its success on the promise that its solution will not only handle extraordinary data volumes with ease, but will provide service providers with a level of analytic power that has never before been commercially available.

10e Solutions is headquartered in Victor, NY.

About TeleSciences, Inc.

Founded in 1967, TeleSciences, Inc. has continually provided innovative solutions that gather timely information from networks to help communications service providers maximize their billable usage. Its most recent solution, EventDynamics, is a powerful, integrated event-based mediation system that seamlessly collects and manages usage data from any single or blended/converged network and delivers it in any BSS-required format. This includes deployment within IMS networks in either stand-alone or converged environments, including real-time control of content delivery through its online charging system (OCS).

TeleSciences solutions are deployed throughout the world and process billions of events per day for accurate billing and reliable revenue management.

With extensive expertise in fixed, mobile, and cable environments, TeleSciences has a global client base of operators and equipment vendors including Qwest, Nortel, Nokia Siemens Networks, AT&T, Bell Canada, Verizon, SFR, and Telus.

TeleSciences is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey with other locations in the US and UK and has been ISO 9001:2000 certified since 1996.

About Ariston Global Partners, L.L.C.

Ariston Global acquires, makes majority investments in, develops and operates companies providing solutions that include software, customer care, system integration, provisioning, solution/hardware testing, outsourced services and other tools needed by equipment providers and communications carriers. Ariston Global is a portfolio company of private equity firm Spire Capital Partners, LLC. and is based in Rochester,NY.